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Notes on My Liberation Lee Ki Woo announces his engagement to an unremarkable woman.

Lee Ki Woo, also appeared in “Rain or Shine,” “18 Again,” and other films.

Lee Ki Woo, a South Korean actor, will wed shortly! The 40-year-old made his impending nuptials known in a letter to his fans posted on Instagram. He admitted in the handwritten letter that he was apprehensive about writing to his supporters for the first time but that he was also excited because he was there to share some good news.

He talked of meeting someone many years ago who was wise and just how he hoped. They are a person who freely gives to others and understands the value of sharing. That person is helpful and friendly to the weak, always willing to lend a hand. They aspire to lead moral lives.

Lee Ki Woo and his fiancĂ©e have a strong respect for one another and learned from one another. He felt confident in his decision to travel the future path with them, which inspired him to want to have children with them. The couple has begged for everyone’s support as they begin this new phase of their lives.

After making his acting debut in 2003, Lee Ki Woo has gone on to play numerous second leads in well-known dramas. His best-known roles include Jo Tae Hoon in the Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Son Seok Gu, and Lee El starring “My Liberation Notes,” as well as “Rain or Shine” (also known as “Just Between Lovers”), “18 Again,” “Woman’s Dignity,” and other films. The viewers adored him for playing such a thoughtful, compassionate, and peaceful character.

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